Teacher of the Year

The VAME Teacher of the Year recognizes and acknowledges VAME members for their dedication to marketing education, as well as their community, school and students.

Nominee Criteria

All marketing teachers in Virginia are eligible, even if you have been nominated in the past for the award, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Involved in some capacity in Virginia Association of Marketing Educators’ activities at the local and/or state level

  • Must be a paid member for the current nomination year

  • Must not have been previously selected as VAME Teacher of the Year

Please direct any TOY questions to

Kelsey Treague

Previous VAME TOY Winners

Briana Eifler

Sandra Tucker

Ellen Saunders

Sarah Hinkhouse

Dee Strauss

Duke Gardner

Theresa Caffee

Jason Uhry

Beth Markwood

Janet Jennings

Casey Hepner

Donna Roush

Donna Celio

Susan Loizou

Kathy Chrisman

Don Gresham

Jacqueline Lucki

Deborah Rogers

Bevin Pulliam

Kim Creamer

Linda Amburn

Jenee Pins

Nancy King

Suzanne Campbell

Paul Wardinski

Sharon Acuff

Diane Bakaysa

Dianne Tremblay

Dede Stone

Kim Wilkerson

Ina Baker

Sandra Motley

Irene Wheeler

Kelly Parnell

Woody McCain

Bonnie Stone

Bernard Glaser

Russell Holliday

Toni McLawhorn

Paul Desantas

Rick Calhoun

Briana Eifler


2021 Teacher of the Year

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